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With the goal of updating Iowa lawmakers on Iowa STEM, the STEM Council alongside students and educators who participate in STEM Council programming across Iowa connect with legislators to showcase hands-on, interactive and student-focused learning innovations at STEM Day at the Capitol.

The 2023 STEM Day at the Capitol was sponsored by Collins Aerospace and gathered 17 interactive exhibits, staffed by 145 people. Together, they helped tell the story of the growing partnerships between the STEM Council and community partners across Iowa, including the STEM Scale-Up Program, STEM BEST Program, STEM Teacher Externships Program and Computer Science is Elementary.

STEM Day at the Capitol began with evaluative snapshots from Executive Director Dr. Jeff Weld. In a uniquely STEM-like fashion of bipartisanship, Sen. Chris Cournoyer and Sen. Eric Giddens shared their observations of Iowa’s STEM progress in earning their support as key in producing Iowa’s next generation of skilled innovators. Foundation Analytical Laboratory Owner and Director of Technical Services and STEM Council Co-Chair Diane Young shared about how STEM education helps prepare youth for the future workforce. Representing event sponsor Collins Aerospace, Adriana Johnson, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility, spoke about the important role of STEM education for employers.

Between the exhibitors and the legislators invited, the Capitol Rotunda drew in a supportive crowd focused on the STEM happening around Iowa.

2023 STEM Day at the Capitol Exhibitors included:

  1. Iowa STEM Teacher Externships
  2. STEM BEST Program: Johnston School District
  3. STEM Scale-Up Program: Blessed Maria Assunta Pallota
  4. ​STEM Scale-Up Program: Central DeWitt School District
  5. STEM Scale-Up Program: Keokuk School District
  6. STEM Scale-Up Program: BCLUW School District
  7. STEM Scale-Up Program: Iowa Falls School District
  8. Computer Science is Elementary
  9. STEM Scale-Up Program: Lewis Central Middle School
  10. Collins Aerospace
  11. Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council
  12. STEM BEST Program: Waterloo School District
  13. STEM BEST Program: MRL MarMac School District
  14. STEM BEST Program: Okoboji School District
  15. STEM BEST Program: Storm Lake School District
  16. STEM Scale-Up Program: St. Malachy Catholic School
  17. STEM BEST Program: Creston School District
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