Getting Ag Credit to Count

Each letter of STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—supports what it takes to feed billions of people across the world. Agricultural education is STEM education, and the success of Iowa’s future depends on equipping students with the tools and pathways they need to pursue a career in agriculture.

Fortunately, school districts across the state have opportunities to make agricultural science education more of a priority in their school systems. Those school districts currently offering agriculture courses to their students can make those credits count towards high school graduation in a different way beyond elective credits and help students meet the Regent Admission Index (RAI) to attend Iowa’s universities.

For example, Agricultural Science courses currently offered that satisfy the Iowa Academic Standards for Life Science, Chemistry or Physics may be allowed to substitute for those courses if 1) instructors are endorsed to teach such courses and 2) the school board approves of the substitution. One example Agricultural Science curriculum well-established in Iowa that satisfies Iowa Academic Standards in science subjects is CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education).

To make this happen, your school district can learn about the processes already in place that have worked for other schools across Iowa:


Do you want to know how to make your current agriculture courses count towards the RAI? Here’s how.


Do you want to know how to make your current agriculture courses count towards high school graduation? Here’s how.


Do you want to know how to inform your school or district on this opportunity and help student interest in agriculture courses counts towards their high school education and beyond? Here’s how.

Do you have general questions about this opportunity? Contact for more information.

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