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STEM Regions

To help create awareness and a voice for every Iowan, the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council divided the state into six STEM regions and appointed one regional STEM manager to each location.

Regional STEM managers represent each region in a variety of ways. Besides providing a clear voice for each region, managers also help facilitate access to STEM educational opportunities like STEM Scale-Up Programs; create knowledge about all STEM components and collaborate with businesses, organizations and formal and informal education agencies to increase student engagement in STEM.

Position Vacant
Mary Trent, M.A.
Paul Gibbins
Mauree Haage, M.A.
Jeff Beneke
Jeff Beneke, B.S.
Deb Frazee
Casey Wenstrand, M.A.
Sarah Derry
Sarah Derry, Ph.D.
Kristine Bullock
Matt Stier, M.A.


STEM Region Regional STEM Hub Institution(s) Regional Manager
Northwest Iowa Iowa Lakes Community College Mary Trent
North Central Iowa Iowa State University Mauree Haage
Northeast Iowa University of Northern Iowa Jeff Beneke
Southwest Iowa Southwestern Community College Casey Wenstrand
South Central Iowa Drake University Sarah Derry
Southeast Iowa University of Iowa & Kirkwood Community College Matt Stier