STEM Essential Podcast

STEM Essential Podcast Season 3 to Launch Monday, February 1

You've heard STEM education is essential, but have you ever thought about why?

STEM Essential is an Iowa Governor's STEM Advisory Council podcast series featuring leading advocates and voices discussing the impact of STEM education on our students now - and what strong STEM education will mean for the future ahead.

Jeff Weld, executive director of the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, interviews guests about what inspired their path with STEM, how they view the current outlook for STEM and what they expect to see in the years ahead.

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New episodes of this five-part series will be available weekly beginning February 1 through March 1 and will focus on Vaccination, by STEM, exploring the people and the tools behind developing, distributing and administering the COVID-19 vaccine. To listen to episodes from Season 1, click on the link below. This podcast is also available on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

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Podcast Sponsors

Season 2 of this podcast is generously co-sponsored by the Principal Foundation, a proud partner of the Iowa's STEM Council. 

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