Greatness STEMs from Parent/Family Involvement

Greatness STEMS from Your Child

Parents, caregivers and families are the most influential people in a child’s life. It is important to encourage and infuse STEM education and learning into the lives of Iowa students. By creating an environment where all children have access to STEM disciplines, tools and support, it provides the opportunity to discover, design, create and dream.

The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council values parent and family involvement and welcomes the opportunity to work together with you as partners to create successful learning opportunities for Iowa’s youth.

Here’s the first 7 steps to join the Iowa STEM crusade:

1. Be in the know about Iowa STEM. Sign up for the Iowa STEM monthly newsletter that will keep you informed via email about the latest STEM news statewide. And, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.

2. Connect with your regional STEM manager for local STEM efforts happening near you. Follow them on social media and sign up for their newsletter.

3. Attend a family STEM festival near or in your community to get hands-on with STEM alongside your child. Find a STEM festival near you:

4. See if your local school or out-of-school program is active with STEM. Start by visiting this list to see if the school or organization’s name is listed and participating in the STEM Scale-Up Program.

  • If you see them on the list, ask the school or organization if you can come see the STEM program in action.
  • If you don’t see them on the list, reach out to your regional STEM manager and ask them how you can help advocate for more STEM in your child's school or out-of-school program.

5. Keep STEM going at home. Check out our Pinterest for hands-on activities or visit this ABC list of fun ways to take on STEM with your child.

6. STEM is more than being an engineer, working in a laboratory or serving as a hospital surgeon. Help expand your child’s awareness of STEM careers by showing them Iowa STEM career videos, browsing the STEM Gem poster series and helping them find the pathways to great careers in Iowa that await them.

7. Spread the word. As more parents and members of your community know about the STEM mission, we can work together to change the future of Iowa’s economy and help today’s youth finally solve the world’s biggest problems and create the next best innovations. Use this list of advocacy materials to share with those in your network.

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