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Available on the 2021-2022 STEM Scale-Up Program Menu:

CodeJoy Computational Thinking in Action with Micro:bit
Description: Helps students understand the power of computer science and how things work in the real world by seeing their projects come to life.
Grade Level: 3-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Kelsey Derringer, CodeJoy LLC, kelsey@codejoyedu.com
For more information: www.codejoyeducation.com 

DreamBox Learning Math
Description: Engages students in algebraic reasoning that results in conceptual understanding, procedural fluency and the capacity for creative problem solving needed for the STEM careers of tomorrow.
Grade Level: K-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Mary Kareem Smith, DreamBox Learning, kareem.smith@dreambox.com
For more information: www.dreambox.com

Fierce and Fearless STEAM Teacher Training
Description: Monthly professional development in the form of short, on-demand videos taught in the context of real-world problems or phenomena.
Grade Level: PreK-5
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Yen Verhoeven, QI Learning Research Group, yen@qilearning.com
For more information: https://qilearning.ffst.pages.ontraport.net/

FIRST LEGO League Explore
Description: Teams of up to six students discover and learn about the topic, present their findings in the form of a team poster and LEGO model they design, build and program to move autonomously.
Grade Level: K-4
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Camille Schroeder, Iowa State University, camilles@iastate.edu
For more information: www.firstinspires.org/robotics/fll

Description: Ioponics is different from other aquaponics systems because it couples an easily modifiable hands-on unit with academic supports; standard-aligned lessons, systems support network and the ability to add personally created lessons to the composite system.
Grade Level: PreK-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Michael Bechtel, Wartburg College, michael.bechtel@wartburg.edu
For more information: www.wartburg.edu/ioponics/

Light & Shadow
Description: Framework that assists the teacher in facilitating the physical and social environment of the classroom to allow children to investigate the macro questions of, “What does light allow me to do?” over time.
Grade Level: PreK-3
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Beth VanMeeteren, University of Northern Iowa, beth.vanmeeteren@uni.edu
For more information: https://regentsctr.uni.edu/

Nepris - Virtual Industry Connections to Real World Learning
Description: A cloud-based platform that connects teachers with industry professionals from various STEM pathways to virtually interact with students to bring abstract lessons to life.
Grade Level: K-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Amanda Holsclaw, Nepris, amanda@nepris.com
For more information: https://www.nepris.com

Project Lead the Way Gateway Medical Detectives
Description: Students play the role of real-life medical detectives as they collect and analyze medical data to diagnose disease.
Grade Level: 6-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Vic Dreier, PLTW, vdreier@pltw.org
For more information: https://www.pltw.org/our-programs/pltw-gateway-curriculum#curriculum-10

Description: Engages students in acquiring fundamental knowledge about principles of genetics, molecular biology and bioinformatics.
Grade Level: 6-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Dr. Pramod Mahajan, Drake University, pramod.mahajan@drake.edu
For more information: https://www.drake.edu/cphs/soapycilantro/

Storytime STEM-packs
Description: Educational innovation designed to connect children’s literature with STEM. Enables educators of young children to successfully incorporate age appropriate STEM concepts into children’s programming.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Gabriela Rose, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, gabriela.rose@aiu3.net
For more information: https://storytimestem.com/

Teaching Energy Transformations and Energy Sources
Description: Explains the science of energy, sources of energy, electricity generation and transmission, transportation and efficiency and conservation at home and at school.
Grade Level: 3-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Rebecca Lamb, National Energy Education Development (NEED), rlamb@need.org
For more information: www.need.org

VEX IQ Challenge - Presented by the REC Foundation
Description: A snap-together robotics system designed to encourage future engineers of all skill levels.
Grade Level: 5-8
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Cheryl Burley Rausch, Robotics Education Competition (REC) Foundation, cheryl@roboticseducation.org
For more information: https://www.roboticseducation.org/

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