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Description: Computer science that builds fluency in procedural, computational and problem-solving skills while also learning the fundamentals of digital citizenship and safety.
Grade Level: K-6
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Whitney Dove, Coder Kids, Inc., wdove@codelicious.com
For more information: www.codelicious.com
Informational Webinar Recording: https://vimeo.com/793044050
Upcoming Webinar Registration:

Daily Math Fluency
Description: Targeted instructional kits use Math Talks and Number Strings to build numeracy skills in students who are struggling with core number concepts.
Grade Level: K-5
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Valerie Cole, hand2mind, Inc., vcole@hand2mind.com
For more information: https://www.hand2mind.com/merch-pages/program-pages/dmf-kits/dmf-centers
Webinar Registration: https://www.hand2mind.com/iowascaleup

Discover Drones
Description: Prepare students for emerging drone careers with lessons in engineering, iterative design and applied science that encourage collaborative learning.
Grade Level: 7-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Michelle Fisher, PCS Edventures, stemscaleup@edventures.com
For more information: https://edventures.com/collections/drones/products/discover-drones
Information Webinar Recording: Click here to access recording

Description: Inquiry-based learning and curriculum to form an Innovate-IT club. The clubs use the program’s curriculum and activities to guide students in any or all of these three venues: robotics, game design, and cyber defense (cybersecurity).
Grade Level: 9-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Lindsay Foster, Iowa State University, lfoster1@iastate.edu
For more information: https://www.cyio.iastate.edu/innovate-it/
Information Webinar Slides: https://www.cyio.iastate.edu/innovate-it-webinar/

Description: An aquaponics system that easily incorporates biophilia with NGSS standards into a “living” learning setting. The model provides a hands-on, minds-on approach to STEM curriculum.
Grade Level: PreK-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Michael Bechtel, Ioponics, LLC., Michael.bechtel@wartburg.edu
For more information: www.wartburg.edu/ioponics
Informational Webinar Recording: Click here to access recording

Iowa Leadership in Engineering Design
Description: Engineering design activities where students will observe, measure and record data, organize data, analyze data, draw conclusions, evaluate results and present their findings – experiences that will prepare students for all STEM careers.
Grade Level: K-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Jesse Wilcox, University of Northern Iowa, jesse.wilcox@uni.edu
For more information: www.IowaLeadershipinEngineeringDesign.com
Informational Webinar Recording: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ek5KAC1V7RutFiWFL9cSIM7wlD3rPz1u/view

Positive Physics and Chemistry
Description: An engaging, online physics and chemistry lesson and problem bank. The site was designed to be accessible to students on any level from basic to AP.
Grade Level: 8-12
For Settings: In school
Contact: Jack Replinger, Positive Physics, jack@positivephysics.org
For more information: www.positivephysics.org/
Webinar Registration: https://calendly.com/jreplinger/positive-physics-demo-iowa?month=2023-01

Python for the BBC micro:bit
Description: Bring text-based coding into the classroom and make code come off the screen with the BBC micro:bit.
Grade Level: 6-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Kelsey Derringer, CodeJoy LLC, kelsey@codejoyedu.com
For more information: https://codejoyeducation.com

STEM Cart: K-12+ Schoolwide STEM Solution
Description: Youth will build, experiment and redesign; learning from their successes and failures; and growing their understanding with their designs.
Grade Level: K-12
For Settings: In school 
Contact: Jack Fuller, TeacherGeek, jfuller@teachergeek.com
For more information: TeacherGeek.com/STEM-Cart
Webinar Registration:

STEM Innovator
Description: An app-based virtual platform for students to document STEM competencies as they innovate solutions to everyday problems and collaborate with peers and business partners.
Grade Level: 6-12
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Leslie Flynn, University of Iowa, Leslie-flynn@uiowa.edu
For more information: https://jacobsoninstitute.org/stem-innovator/portfolio-tool
Informational Webinars:

Storytime STEM-packs: STEM + Computer Science
Incorporate age-appropriate STEM+C concepts into children’s programming. Children collaboratively explain phenomena or solve the problem, thereby making sense of the STEM concept.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Gabriela Rose, Allegheny Intermediate Unit Math & Science Collaborative, gabriela.rose@aiu3.net
For more information: Storytimestem.com
Webinar Registration:

Tiny Techies
Youth will learn key computer science skills without being in front of a computer. Students will learn computational thinking, problem-solving skills, creative thinking and collaboration - all skills that will help them as they grow and prepare for jobs that don’t yet exist.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Alison Mohr, NewBoCo, alison@newbo.co
For more information: https://newbo.co/education/educators/tiny-techies-for-educators
Informational Webinar Recording: shorturl.at/demr5

Waterworks: Engineering and Investigating the Properties of Water
Open-ended experiences that capitalize on children’s natural interest in water and grow their skill in close observation. Students master the tools of reading, writing and mathematics to communicate about their STEM learning.
Grade Level: PreK-2
For Settings: In school and out of school
Contact: Sherri Peterson, University of Northern Iowa, Iowa Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education, sherri.peterson@uni.edu
For more information: https://regentsctr.uni.edu
Informational Webinar Recording: https://youtu.be/gQovPS2N0oE

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