Greatness STEMs from Corporate Partners

All that is offered by the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council is not possible without the help of both our public and private partnerships. Preparing Iowa’s youth with the STEM skills necessary to sustain the future of our workforce depends heavily on our educational system and the commitment of Corporate Partners.

Our Corporate Partners help voice the workforce needs of business leaders across the state. These partnerships allow the STEM Council to engage in more targeted, efficient and sustainable STEM educational programming available to all of Iowa’s youth. Each industry involved has the opportunity to engage students directly or indirectly with hands-on STEM activities that might inspire them toward education and a career in a STEM field.

If you are a current Corporate Partner, thank you for investing in tomorrow’s workforce and recognizing the need for a strong partnership in STEM education.

If you would like to find out how you can contribute your time, talents or treasures, please read the “Guidelines for Business-Education Partnerships in STEM” and fill out a short form to become a Corporate Partner.