Iowa STEM Welcomes New Seal of Approval Partners

To the moon
Ericson Public Library’s Dr. Zachary Stier, Children’s Librarian, and Dr. Sara Nelson, Director of the NASA Iowa Space Grant Consortium and Iowa NASA EPSCoR, display what the “To the Moon and Back” kit has to offer.

The Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council (Iowa STEM) at the Iowa Department of Education is pleased to welcome three new Seal of Approval program partners! Below is additional information about these programs.

To the Moon and Back is a program offered through the Ericson Public Library in Boone developed in partnership with the Iowa Space Grant Consortium when the Ericson Public Library was completing the NASA @ My Library program, funded by the American Library Association back in 2018. The “To the Moon and Back” curriculum was designed to follow Next Generation Science Standards and developed to support public libraries across the state of Iowa to offer STEM programming in their communities. 

Libraries across Iowa can find information about this program through the State Library of Iowa's listserv. The kits are also in the State Library's catalog, which makes them available through the State of Iowa interlibrary loan system, i.e. SILO, a free service where the kits arrive to the library through a service called MOBUS. A peek inside what is included in the kit can be found HERE.

Camp Redstone is a program offered through the Cherokee Public Library in partnership with the Sanford Museum and Planetarium designed for youth ages 8-12 to learn about geology as a way to engage and play while learning about the tangible world through the lens of Minecraft.

Cybersecurity Ambassador Program. Through the Cybersecurity Ambassador Program students and communities unite to master and disseminate crucial cybersecurity knowledge. Through engaging workshops, community outreach and hands-on experiences, these ambassadors become

the vanguards of the digital world, combating threats and securing peace of mind for internet users

everywhere. This is an opportunity that blends technology, leadership and community service. The links that follow provide additional information about the program.

Iowa Cyber Hub: Information for the public about the program

Cybersecurity Ambassador Program Video: Video for the public about the program

Cyber House Rock: Educational and entertaining videos the Cybersecurity Ambassadors use when educating the public, also a public resource for anyone.

The Iowa STEM Seal of Approval was established in 2015 in order to recognize and support select, non-Council programs and events that help achieve STEM Council goals. Others with programs or periodic events they might like to receive STEM Seal of Approval recognition can apply at: 

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