Hub Institutions Unsung Heroes for Iowa STEM

Iowa's statewide STEM program is supported by seven higher education institutions operating as regional hubs.
Iowa's statewide STEM program is supported by seven higher education institutions operating as regional hubs, each selected in 2012 and renewed in 2015 and again in 2018.
Delivery of many critical services to STEM learners across Iowa through Scale-Up, regional festivals, and more is only possible thanks to six Regional Hub Institutions, each operated by a Regional Manager, and each jointly over-seen by a Hub Institution supervisor. And just as December brings an end to the calendar year, this month also concludes Dr. Bill Lamb’s service as regional STEM hub institution co-supervisor in the Southeast region. As vice president of academic affairs at Kirkwood Community College, Lamb voluntarily stepped into this role in June 2012, serving alongside his University of Iowa co-supervisor in a unique partnership. He has received numerous awards throughout his career, has been active in various organizations, a leader in the communities he lived in and a valued partnering voice on behalf of the regional hub institutions.
Reflecting on his early days with the STEM Council, he said, “I attended a STEM Advisory Council meeting before I filled the role of hub supervisor. My first impression was this was a group that is going to make a difference for students and schools throughout the state.”
Throughout his tenure, some of his best memories were seeing how STEM programming and events benefit the local community. Lamb attended multiple STEM festivals where he saw local businesses, families and schools come together in support of developing future leaders.
When asked about advice he has to offer based on his experience with the STEM Council, he said, “Look for unique opportunities to collaborate. Building relationships and collaboration is foundational for STEM in the regions. My role was to reduce barriers, connect people that have expertise to share and align goals and activities with resources.”
Iowa’s six STEM hub institutions were established in early 2012 through a competitive proposal process. They are:
  • Iowa Lakes Community College located in the Northwest STEM Region
  • Iowa State University located in the North Central STEM Region
  • University of Northern Iowa located in the Northeast STEM Region
  • Southwestern Community College located in the Southwest STEM Region
  • Drake University located in the South Central STEM Region
  • The University of Iowa and Kirkwood Community College collaborative located in the Southeast STEM Region
The STEM Council deeply appreciates Dr. Lamb, and all the other STEM hub institution supervisors and their institutions for their ongoing commitment and generous involvement in the STEM Council.
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