Getting Ag Credit to Count: Counselors

High school agriculture classes can now count toward the Regent Admission Index (RAI) allowing students more opportunity to qualify for higher education at Iowa State University, The University of Iowa and the University of Northern Iowa. Here’s how:

1.   Review the list of RAI codes.

2.   Review your high school agriculture science course.

3.   Identify which RAI code the content may align with. Animal science-focused agricultural science courses may align with RAI coded Zoology, for example, and plant-focused agricultural science courses may align with RAI coded Botany. That decision is made at the district level, possibly involving school board approval. Provided as an example guideline below are the alignments proposed by the designers of the CASE program. If your high school agriculture course is a CASE course, then the following alignments are recommended*:
CASE: Ag Science – Animal RAI Code: 03061 Zoology
CASE: Ag Science – Plant RAI Code: 03058 Botany
CASE: Animal & Plant Biotech RAI Code: 03158 Life Science
CASE: Food Science & Safety RAI Code: 03158 Particular Topics in Chemistry
CASE: Ag Power & Tech RAI Code: 03162 Particular Topics in Physics
CASE: Mechanical Systems in Ag RAI Code: 03162 Particular Topics in Physics
CASE: Natural Resources & Ecology RAI Code: 03003 Environmental Science
CASE: Environmental Science Issues RAI Code: 03009 Particular Topics in Earth Science


4.   Work through your local process to match each agriculture course to an RAI code. This may include school board approval or some other process unique to your school.

Other Relevant Resources: CTE Ag and Science

*The RAI Code recommendations were proposed in 2016 upon review of the courses and RAI codes available by ag teachers comprising the Iowa Ag Ed Advisory Council and approved by the STEM Council Working Group focused on ag for science credit.

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