Teachable Moment (6th - 8th Grade)

The following collection of lessons and activities have been identified as appropriate for the grade level listed and may also be suitable for learners of other ages and levels. Click on the activity title below to access the activity or lesson.

These lessons and activities are provided for educational purposes only. There may be risk involved with replicating the experiment or activity. Individuals demonstrating the experiment or activity do so at their own risk. Attention needs to be given to all parts of the video and all steps in the video need to be followed. Children should be supervised by a responsible adult if replicating the experiment or activity.

Looking for online or unplugged options? Look for the orange stars on our page to indicate unplugged activities or lessons.

Subject: Science

Activity Title Grade Level Description Unplugged Option
Alaska Volcano Observatory 6-8 Students can explore active volcanoes in Alaska and eastern Russia through resources and live cams of different sites.  
Astronomical Society of the Pacific 6-8 Science-rich, astronomy activities, materials and kits with downloadable documents, video and audio links for educators and families.
Carnegie Science Center Virtual Visits 6-8 Explore some of the Carnegie Science Center's most popular exhibits or choose a "theme" area with activities that include Engineering and Robotics, Animals and Aquaria, Space and Astronomy, and more!  
Hot Ice 6-8 Combine baking soda and vinegar to make sodium acetate, or hot ice!
NASA @ Home 6-8 Explore a variety of cool activities, books, videos, and podcasts from NASA.  
NASA Wallops Flight Facility 6-8 Schedule a live virtual field trip at the NASA Wallops Flight Facility Visitor Center. 
Science Center of Iowa - At Home 6-8 Experience the Science Center of Iowa at home with fun resources for learners of all ages. Make everything from slime to bubbles with these fun kitchen chemistry experiments.
Virgin Islands National Park Exploration 6-8 Virtual tours give you the chance to explore marine life swimming amongst the underwater coral reefs, or investigate the remaining handiwork of the Taino Native Americans with up-close views of the ancient petroglyphs along Reef Bay Trail.  



















Subject: Technology

Activity Title Grade Level Description Unplugged Option
CS Discoveries 6-10 An introductory computer science course that empowers students to create authentic artifacts and engage with computer science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving and fun.  
Popfizz 6-8 Explore the world of coding. In just a few hours, you'll create awesome projects. Learn Geometry and Python with Turtle Graphics. Available in English and Spanish.  








Subject: Engineering

Activity Title Grade Level Description Unplugged Option
DiscoverE 6-8 Engineering activities to download for students of all ages. The Foil Boats challenge has participants design and build a boat, learning about buoyancy, density and displacement.
Lego Challenge 6-8 That Brick Life has put together a 30 days of LEGO play calendar. Challenge your kids to use their imagination and to create something new everyday.
Taking Risks and Iteration 7-8 This activity focuses on risk-taking and the role it plays in that investigation and is part of a toolkit developed as a collaborative project coordinated by the talkSTEM organization.
The Tech Interactive 6-8 Explore a variety of design and building challenges using household items from The Tech Interactive. 













Subject: Mathematics

Activity Title Grade Level Description Unplugged Option
Desmos 6-8 Activities, webinars and more! Dilation Mini Golf allows students to explore what happens when they dilate a single point from a center through playing rounds of mini golf!  
ST Math 6-8 Resources to mathematically equip all students, support schools and families and explore math outside of the classroom.  







Subjects: STEM

Activity Title Grade Level Description Unplugged Option
A-Z Career Lab 6-8 Join members of the A to Z Career Lab as they research exciting jobs.  
Bootstrap 7-12 Engaging introductions to computer programming. Integrates with math concepts in prealgebra, algebra and data science with no prior coding experience. Compatible with PCs, Macs and Chromebooks.  
National Inventors Hall of Fame 6-8 Activities and lessons that will turn any room into classroom. Take this quiz to find out what kind of inventor you are, then do an activity for each style of inventor.
PAST Foundation 6-8 After completing a simple registration form, explore a wealth of simple hands-on design/construct/build activities, including a highly relevant "Germs and Soap" activity at the kitchen table.  
Raytheon Technologies 6-8 Get advice directly from today’s innovators at Raytheon Technologies. Make crystal formations, form honeybee hotels and more!
STEM Literacy Blog 6-8 STEM book recommendations from librarians and readers. Many of the books are connected to STEM activities, for example the windmill activity.


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