REAP Conservation Education Grant

Got an idea to advance environmental literacy, but lack funds?  The Resource Enhancement and Protection Conservation Education Program (REAP CEP) annually awards $350,000 for conservation education in Iowa. Plan now for the November 1 grant deadline. The average grant award is approximately $22,000, and mini-grants for $3,500 or less are also available.

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Computer Science Scholarship Opportunities

When determining how to pay for a computer science degree, some people overlook scholarships as a way of offsetting college costs. In this guide, prospective students can find a comprehensive list of computer science scholarships, details about creating a standout scholarship application, ideas for alternative ways to pay for school, and links to additional funding resources.

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Belin-Blank Center

Hosted at the University of Iowa, Belin-Blank Center focuses on the educational community and STEM programming for elementary to high school students.

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