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Careers in Computer Engineering

Career hardware engineers research, design and develop computing components (e.g. microprocessors, networks, routers) to create faster, better and more powerful computing systems.

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Masters Degree in Cybersecurity in Iowa

In December 2015, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad ordered state officials to begin developing a strategy that would better prepare the state in the event of a cyberattack. Career opportunities for cybersecurity professionals in Iowa range from state government agencies like the Iowa Information Security Office and the Iowa Department of Homeland Security, to private cybersecurity businesses like Armolon Corporation, to large Iowa corporations like A.Y. McDonald Manufacturing Company in Dubuque and McLeodUSA in Cedar Rapids.

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STEM” is an abbreviation for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Predominantly, these are the fields in which new industries, businesses, and human possibilities are conceived. STEM workers solve everyday problems, research and analyze data about the world around us, and use their knowledge to design everything from computer programs to prosthetic limbs. STEM workers occupy jobs ranging from food science technician to cartographer, engineering manager to database administrator.

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Careers in Computer Science

The field of computer science has led the way in creating secure, well-paying jobs over the last decade—and that trend is expected to continue. Professionals in the field can pick from myriad established specialties, all with solid employment outlooks and good earning potential, or look to one of the emerging careers in the field. The keys to building a great future in computer science are knowing the available options and laying out a sound plan to get started.

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