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Nursing Schools Guide

At Nursing Schools Guide, we pride ourselves on researching nearly every nursing school, degree program, and career. It is our goal to do the leg work for our readers (you), so you can know that you are reading trusted, detailed information that can help you figure out which nursing degree or school is the best option for you.

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Area 515 Des Moines Makerspace

The Des Moines Makerspace is a non-profit community of makers, artists, and hobbyists. Our shared workspace offers the tools, technology, and resources you need to make your projects and hobbies a reality. Come create something! Need help? Our informal classes, user groups, and shared expertise will help you develop the skills you need to finally start your dream project.

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Iowa Public Television

A great resource for parents, teachers and kids for all things regarding STEM learning.

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Computer Engineering Degrees

Today, computer engineers are very highly sought after. Computer engineers are now developing the most complex and innovative forms of technology that we all use today. The founders of Google, Facebook, and Amazon, several of the largest, most respectable companies in the United States, came about because of their technology developed by computer engineers.

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