Computer Science events and activities will take place across the six Iowa STEM regions during CSEdWeek from December 6-12.

Iowans to Take Part in Computer Science Education Week

Computer science and information technology are becoming essential life skills due to an increasingly digital society. As one of the fastest growing career paths, computer science jobs are in high demand in Iowa.
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Central Community School students take part in Clayton County STEM BEST Program.

STEM BEST Program Offers Network Supports

Career-Linked Learning (CLL) inspires passion in students to pursue high demand, high impact and high reward careers. Learning linked to fulfilling jobs through authentic experiences is what the STEM BEST Program provides more than 80 partners in Iowa schools.
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Winterset High School Teacher Kacia Cain utilizes STEM Scale-Up Program SoapyCilantro to connect genetics to medical careers.

STEM Scale-Up Programs Provide Career Context

Each year, the STEM Council introduces a new menu of STEM Scale-Up Programs available to educators across Iowa. The Scale-Up Program aims to bring top STEM education opportunities to all learners, inspire young Iowans to pursue STEM career opportunities and increase student achievement in STEM.
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STEM Council Corporate Partners

Corporate Partners Heighten STEM Impact

STEM is a vital economic development advantage for quality job growth in Iowa. STEM graduates are in great demand to meet current and future workforce needs. The STEM Council opportunities that inspire Iowa’s young people to become innovative, enterprising contributors to our future workforce are made possible with the help of our public and private partnerships.
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Spencer High School was selected to develop a school district work-based learning plan.

Nine School Districts to Pioneer Work-Based Learning Plans

Nine school districts have stepped up to create K-12 work-based learning plans that do four things: 
  1. Detail a spectrum of innovative WBL options connecting K-12 classrooms to future careers;
  2. Integrate WBL in a cohesive way across grade levels and content disciplines to diverse students;
  3. Involve businesses and other community partners; and
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Waukee APEX, a STEM BEST Program model, offers a human services sector that is designed to give students a hands-on experience.

STEM BEST Program to Emphasize High Demand Careers

The STEM Council is focusing a special round of the STEM BEST (Businesses Engaging Students and Teachers) Program to help prepare students to enter job sectors that are in high demand, made possible by legislated support funding through the Iowa Economic Development Authority.
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2021 STEM Seal of Approval

Two Programs Earn STEM Council Seal of Approval

To enculturate, sustain and spread STEM thinking, the STEM Council created the Seal of Approval to recognize and support programs and events that help achieve STEM Council goals, yet are not under the STEM Council umbrella.
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Stephanie Laird, STEM MVP

MVP for Iowa STEM: Stephanie Laird

STEM is present in our everyday lives; and Stephanie Laird, Southeast Polk Community School District Learning Supports Coordinator and this month’s STEM MVP, was drawn to STEM at an early age. Growing up in rural Illinois, she remembers unboxing and putting together her family’s first computer by herself and was thrilled when it worked.
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Any Questions?

STEM BEST H.D. Office Hours


STEM BEST H.D. Office Hours

Project Coordinator, Tanya Hunt along with current STEM BEST Mentors will hold office hours to answer questions and share details regarding STEM BEST H.D. 

Have an idea you need to talk through? 

Select the day below that is most convenient for you:

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