Investments in Iowa STEM Help Meet Statewide Demand

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Investments from business and industry partners, professional STEM organizations, state agencies and many other workplace partners in Iowa have produced amazing results over the past 12 years as the Iowa STEM education effort has gained momentum and expanded impact to help achieve increasing interest and achievement in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies and careers.

The Iowa STEM education effort would never have been able to have the broad reach to all corners of the state or come close to meeting demand without this heavy lift from these partners, along with the engagement of families, educators, employers, non-profits, legislators, policy leaders and others in terms of sharing their time and treasure to advocate for and to advance the cause.

Demand remains high and additional resources are always needed and appreciated. Iowa STEM continues to be a vital economic development advantage for quality job growth in our state. STEM graduates are in great demand to meet current and future workforce needs.

If you would like to invest in Iowa STEM’s signature programs – the STEM Scale-Up Program, the STEM BEST Program, the STEM Teacher Externships Program – or other activities and events, please contact Kari Britain, Interim Director, by email at or by calling (515) 335-1531. 

Your continuing support and advocacy make a significant difference!

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