Iowa STEM Outreach Materials: Business and Community Leaders

Iowa’s business and community leaders help us directly impact Iowa youth through mentoring opportunities, fostering school+business partnerships, sponsorships of statewide programming and public awareness events, hosting Teacher Externs and more.

Our service is to equip PreK-12 educators with the opportunities to introduce STEM careers in Iowa to their students and help them grow a strong, job-ready workforce that wants to stay and work at the companies of Iowa.

Help us introduce these opportunities to businesses and communities by using the materials below:


Guidelines for School+Business Partnerships in STEM


STEM Orientation Guide


Iowa STEM At A Glance

An overview of how businesses can get involved in the Iowa STEM effort.   A deep-dive into the history and network of the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, its programming opportunities and the faces at work behind the mission.   A data digest of the success of STEM in Iowa so far (updated annually).

Iowa STEM Teacher Externships Program Brochure


Iowa STEM Evaluation Highlights


Iowa STEM Brochure

An opportunity for Iowa workplaces to bring in a local teacher for a six-week, summer immersion and help tie classroom content to the STEM careers of Iowa.   A detailed data digest of the success of STEM in Iowa so far (updated annually).   An overview of all that Iowa STEM has to offer.


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