Technology Enhanced Instruction for Global Learning

Active Working Groups

Active Working Group: Computer Science

Charge: Develop strategies for engaging youth in computer programming and coding and provide recommendations for sustaining interest in computer science beyond "Code Iowa" and the "Hour of Code." Present a set of recommendation to the STEM Council to engage more Iowa youth in computer science, including programming/coding/app development.


  • Mark Gruwell, Co-owner, LearnAcre, LLC
  • Ann Watts, Program Manager, Microsoft IT Academy

Active Working Group: Broadband for Iowa

Charge: Create a proposal to suggest a solution to meet the most pressing challenge to top quality STEM education in Iowa. Support the Governor’s STEM Advisory Council’s agenda by targeting, student interest/achievement, technology-enhanced instruction, STEM teacher recruitment/preparation, post-secondary readiness, STEM policy, public awareness, public-private partnership and STEM for ALL.

Chairperson: John Carver, Superintendent, Howard-Winneshiek Community School District

Current Programs