Archived Working Groups

Past Working Groups focused on Top-Priority Student Interest and Achievement

Working Group Committee: Regional Network Design & Governance

Charge: The Iowa Regional STEM Network is envisioned to be a system of six geographic areas strategically positioned across Iowa where communities, counties, multicounty regions and the state can achieve improved STEM education, opportunity and advancement. It is expected and hoped that some current and developing STEM activities will span one or more Iowa STEM regions. Regions will share information, work together and be interconnected by coordination of resources that can also provide a gateway to other networks and initiatives.

Chairperson: Rob Denson, Des Moines Area Community College President

Working Group Committee: Program Scale-Up Design & Implementation

Charge: Propose a working model for scaling up STEM programs in Iowa that demonstrate the achievement of or progress toward achievement of the priority.

Chairperson: Deb Dunkhase, Executive Director, The Iowa Children's Museum

Past Working Groups for Technology Enhanced Instruction for Global Learning

Working Group Committee: Technology Enhanced Instruction: Recommendations for Action

Charge: Create a proposal of action items that can take place in order to create Technology Enhanced Instruction.

Outcome: STEM Tech Plan

Past Working Groups for STEM Teacher Recruitment and Preparation

STEM Professional Development Model Implementation TEAM

STEM Endorsements

Past Working Groups for STEM Education Policy

Working Group Committee: Policy Action Plan Committee

Charge: Develop an action plan to present to the STEM Council to introduce policy measures to elevate Iowa’s STEM education landscape to an internationally competitive level. See their drafted Policy Action Plan.

Chairperson: Michelle Rich, Senior Program Manager, State Public Policy Group

Past Working Groups for Learner Readiness

Working Group Committee: STEM Learner Readiness for Post-Secondary Education and Career

Charge: Identify and recommend resources and assessments in the STEM fields that increase academic rigor through real-world, relevant experiences for all students attending Iowa schools.

Chairperson: Steve Triplett, STEM Client Partnerships Director, ACT

Past Working Groups for Public/Private Partnerships

Charge: Iowa’s future economic competitiveness and quality of life is critically dependent on our K-12 education system’s performance in preparing a scientifically literate populace and increasing the pipeline of students who select STEM careers to support Iowa’s innovation-driven business and economic vision. Based upon clear successes in other states, a strong systemic partnership between the public, private and relevant nonprofit sectors is critical for achieving the improvement we require.

Chairperson: Jordan Cohen, Vice President for Research and Economic Development, University of Iowa